Looks Like Daylight

by White Veins

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released November 30, 2016

Scott Johnson - Singer/Songwriter, Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitar, Piano, Synth, Producer
Brad Bensko - Engineer, Producer, Electric Guitar, Bass, Keys, Slide Guitar, Drums
Mastered by Jeff Lipton at Peerless Mastering, Boston, MA
Assistant Mastering Engineer: Maria Rice



all rights reserved


White Veins Boston, Massachusetts

White Veins is a project started in Boston, MA and is still mostly based out of there. The band is comprised of singer/songwriter Scott Johnson and producer/engineer/multi-instrumentalist Brad Bensko and Jac Spälti on drums

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Track Name: The Late Days
In the late days of April when spring was just ending
I went to the river and laid in juniper plants
I tried absolving myself, put my feet in the dirt,
Felt sick with the worry of what would come next
Then tomorrow did come very regularly
It made me realize that there's nothing new
And the disappointment, I fear, is continual
And it never will leave you – it still hasn't left me
The trees stretch out their arms toward the sun
But always fall short their roots in the ground
Their ambitions are lost to the graces of the wind
That swell and decay

And this pattern never ends
No resolution in view
The helplessness will consume you
Then cycle back again

And I think I believe that there is no truth
Every moment that starts has an eventual end
I pass empty churches on my way to work
Where hope was promised then later lost
There's this dream that I have where you're there beside me
Then suddenly you're gone and I hear your voice say
"The nights got too long, I had to leave,"
Then I fall down a rabbit hole surrounded by weeds

And then I wake up
And my rooms still looks the same
The moon at my window
Filling up the space

You spent one summer with golden light at your back
And slept with a girl who's still in your veins
You tried to forget her in a brand new city
But saw her face in every person you'd meet
And remember how her hair looked and how she spoke
But not the way her lips curled when she felt like dying
On bedroom floors in teenage summers skipping meals
She's never quite been the same

And so it all comes back,
And then leaves you again
There's nothing you can do
No, there's nothing you can do

But I once knew a girl who slept in a flowerbed
To surround herself with life and feel it all grow
Then her hair grew long – she forgot all of language
She was free of it all – free of us all
Now I never see her anymore but I like to imagine
The dark, soft soil damp from the rain
Her warm body laying there with laughter in the air
The sun high above and petals in her hair

The days bleed together 'till you can't remember
Where one day ends and the other begins
You swore there was a line but now you've lost it
The contours blurred, just vague memories
But I think I believe that all hope is lost
No matter how I struggle it'll all end the same
It'll all be remembered as a single moment
A silhouetted sunset drive
Track Name: Sober
I think I'll spend tonight sober
'Cause I haven't done that for a week
And you can come over
If you got nowhere to be
And we'll leave our clothes on
When it's time to sleep
And you'll talk to me like I'm somebody else

I won't eat if you don't want me to
I know you like me thin
I'll fill myself with the promises
I'm sure that we'll break
And I'll light my cigarettes
Before I light yours
Cause if we're gonna die, I'd like to go first

And I'll cut off all my hair
To show you I can change
I'll cut off all my fucking hair
I swear I can change
And I'll leave you alone
No, I won't stay too long
And you can just tell me when and I'll find the door

So fuck staying sober
You like me better when I'm drunk
I got pills I can take
With a bottle on the shelf
And I'll wake up tomorrow
Or not if I'm lucky
And you'll still talk about me when I leave the room
Track Name: I Knew A Girl Named Juniper
The days are growing shorter the trees shedding their leaves
They fall beneath my feet as I step without thinking
Into a field of dead and dried branches
Where the grass is high and the moon waits forever
Over parking lots like a soft glowing eye
That cries in the day for the long hours of night
Let the willow trees hang and blow in the wind
And never give them a second thought

In backyards forgot
I imagine myself
With you there beside me
True like the summer
Where we faded away and our skin lost its color
And all of these patterns begin to make me sick

And if fate is real then we live to serve it
And every thought that we have is all predetermined
We can never be free, only dripping sand
And to have any purpose was all self conceived
So I'll smoke till I'm sick in the room where I sleep
Lifted like high school in the park where we'd meet
We'd stay there all night thinning our blood
Looking for patterns in the sidewalk

I grip the grass with my hands
And stare at my feet
Let the echoes fill the house
Until they're all that i hear
Borrow words from a life
I used to know
I didn't think petals still fell in the spring

The poets all weep cause its hard to remember
When the days were the days and fall were the fall
So I keep to myself to stay safe from language
And only let myself have a pen and a song
I'll take the train to the water tomorrow
And think of a friend I wish I could call and say
Please don't lock yourself in your room
For so long you forget your name
No, please don't stay so far away
And forget you were ever here
Track Name: Your Fingers Slip
Your fingers slip as you button your coat
It hangs loose off your thinning frame
These winters feel much cooler
Than they used to be
You wake to voicemails of your missed plans
And have fresh cuts all up your hands
That you don't notice 'till you're in the shower
And they burn from all that hot water

You're in bed all day
And let the hours die away
Your veins look as white as your lips
And you can't remember when anything felt okay

But do things get real outside your window
Do things get real outside your window

You count the steps on your way to class
And get high behind the bleachers
You watch the track stars run their laps
And you pretend you are the same

You lie awake all night
And let the moments fade away
Red-eyed photographs are all you see
And you think that things will never change

But do things get real outside your window
Do things get real outside your window