A Collection Of Things That Once Brought Peace

by White Veins

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released June 30, 2014

Scott Johnson: Acoustic Guitar, Vocals, Electric Guitar, Synth, Keys, Piano, Melodica, Toy Piano, Mandolin
Denisse Ojeda: Electric Bass, Upright Bass
Andrew Peck: Drums
Ryan Daly: Electric Guitar, Organ Drone
Christina Amen: Vocals
Brad Bensko: Banjo, Mellotron

A special thanks to The Record Company and it's manager, Jesse Vengrove, for being so accompanying to our needs.

A thanks to Ryan Daly and Christina Amen who had to travel to Boston to record on this album.

Thanks to my parents for emotional and financial support where needed.

Thanks to Brad Bensko for being a dope engineer.

Thanks to Frankford-Wayne Mastering

Thank you to everyone who contributed to the Indiegogo fund that was set up back in the winter of 2013/2014.

Thanks to my wonderful sister and amazing artist, Elyse Johnson, for the photograph, and a thank you to Jack Wirth, one of Elyse's friends, for providing his collection to be photographed.

And to any and everyone who I may have accidentally left out, of course it was unintentional and thank you so much for your support!



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White Veins Boston, Massachusetts

White Veins is a project started in Boston, MA and is still mostly based out of there. The band is comprised of singer/songwriter Scott Johnson and producer/engineer/multi-instrumentalist Brad Bensko and Jac Spälti on drums

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Track Name: Pipe Dreams
Autumn came, it killed the summer and in its wake froze all hope that was smoked away in summer's pipe dreams of street lamps, car rides, and empty houses. Now I'm waiting for the day we'll go to the ocean or sit in dark yellow rooms with no lies to distance me. And in my books piled high I will read their pleas; a silent will to make sense of this living.

Until I feel trapped in my fucking skin then I'll burn all these inked pages and stay up all night to drink until I can't feel anything.

And in these verses I sing I hope to change. For a city car ride and bright-light roads where I swear for the first time I know that I'm breathing. And in mirrors I'll look for that new face because I'll never become anything more than what I am right now - this is it.

So I'll walk through my days and count the weeks 'til the sun returns. I swear if I ever see it again that it be a goddamn miracle.

So I unplug the phones and lock the door; I'll scream until my sadness is just a memory. But I don't think that it'll ever end so I'll scream until I die.

I'm searching for bright lights and a sense of what I'm living for and if there's a point to anything at all. So take me to where the sun shines, where the rivers flow, where the grass grows high and let me look at all those bright lights.
Track Name: Marah Stares at the Sky
I remember when I first saw you in the house where everyone had decided to come out to. But you weren't talking, just staring like a statue in a garden.

And under chemicals I witness life from a couch in the basement then we'd speak of it no more and hope the music could cover us. You went with him behind the bathroom door and came out with your eyes red. In photographs you were captured in a pale orange light and crowded place.

You get home to your room and you lay down to rest. With your hands on your locket and your veins running hot.

Trying to escape a house that felt like it's on fire to green fields and blue oceans in a car on a highway. And you shaking body sweat straight through the sheets and you're wishing to just forget.

I remember being drunk at a park where my friends called my name and they said to me that it's time to go. We drove back to their place through the trees and on the dark ride we were silent.

Well I'd see you on my way to class where the boys hang after school behind the locker rooms; there were secrets there kept by quiets tongues. And he said to me in a dark driveway, "I can taste her in cheap liquor," then he went back inside; his cigarette still burning on the ground.

Your flushed skin looked just like a ghost when we'd pass in the hall. And your eyes looked like glass when he'd speak to you.

And you'd pass out on a bedroom floor with a photo album on your lap and pills in your hand - you are made new. And on your showers floor you'd sit turning your eyes red, the hot water falling from your shoulders.
Track Name: New Years
Drinks were poured, passed around, each consumed trying to drown out this doubt of existing and whether all of this is real. And we'd go onto the porch to stand with moonlit, ghostlike faces and let the smoke carry us away. The house fills, cars park on the lawn. We're all here to ring in the new year 'cause the old holds the people we used to be.

But do we really ever change or put on a new face with the same name that we drown in until we're gasping for air. Calls were made, spit exchanged between friends and lovers the same because at the end of the day I swear that they are. Down the stairs to the couch I could barely hear the music and it was loud as you became the dream stuck in my head.
Track Name: The Televisions Scream
My sister's alone in the living room and the T.V. is screaming from its pedestal. The static lays under all of the noise like that feeling you have but never will mention. And the prep-school kids are hiding beer in the woods and smoking behind the elementary school. They swear in silent meaning between the words that they say for a day where their veins are running hot with the truth.

And in bedrooms I will wait and in attics I will scream because I cannot become what I've attempted to be so what is the point?

To live with no purpose is all I'm destined to do and I will blow through this life completely unnoticed. So bury me beneath a plain headstone to be forgotten.

I've heard all these words I can say nothing new so I trap myself in this fucking room until the day my pen can write something true that can carry the weight I feel on my back.

So now I feel conceit, like what I feel means anything. So I'll let the chords drift on by and the tape roll on.

To get to a place better than this is all I can hope for where the sun is bright and fills the empty of my bones. Because I feel like I've read this book and I swear I know the story and I so desperately hope it can be rewritten.
Track Name: Desert Gems
The desert is quiet, the heat moves on the sand in a choreographed dance and with a grace I wish I had - to make you see what I believe to be true and real.

The sand goes on forever, I'm alone under this sun. The moon brings me comfort when I lay down to rest. And the wind washes over me, please, make me clean and bring me out of this.

I wear sweat around my neck like fine jewels to be desired and I know that you may want them but they're too heavy to remove. They're like my crown when I wear them and I need them to be found.

I saw a well in the sand and fell in while raising the bucket. Now I'm treading too far from the surface and can't stop drinking the water.
Track Name: Memphis
I jumped off a cliff down at Percy Priest and felt the sun drip down my back. When I landed in the water I saw the blue reflecting gold and stayed there staring at the surface.

'Cause the last time I felt clean I was on your kitchen floor and we could see the dust drifting in the light. And we could hear the ice melting from inside our drinks as we sat in the cool of the spring.

In the shadow of an orange grove I learned about loss down in Mexico and I could hear the kids voices rise from underneath stain glass where Mary stood staring at me.

My wall are lined with photographs and cords run my floor and sad sunlight spills in from the window. And I'm always ready for when I need to pack my bags and move a lifetime away.

We used to drive in your car to go downtown after school where the lights and rooftops meet and the orange hue of summer filled your empty house; it felt like the nights of all my youth pressed into one.

And I'd lay in the trees on the banks of the river in hopes it'd find it's way into me. But once the moon came out the tides changed and the water swallowed me.

In summer's green life I came alive in her front yard where we talked about the ocean and how we'd get there one day. In an abandoned house we shared a glance that I could not forget, it spoke of all the time I could never have again.

I don't think my happiness will ever return, at least not in the way it was back then. And I hope for the day when I feel whole again and the warmth of her words to come back to me.
Track Name: Statues in Gardens
Smoke filled the apartment and radiant orange light covered everything. And we drank to words taped on walls and Trey played us soft songs on a guitar missing strings. And the emptiness we feel was pushed aside until we felt like we were overflowing and spilt onto the floor and there we did rest waiting for morning to come.

And the calmness of the night was warm and swallowed us.

There lying on your bed staring at the ceiling I knew that soon we'd get up but the idea would remain like a statue in a garden being taken over by centuries of life. We'll be draped under vines and hang them from our shoulders and be surrounded by beauty. We'll remember out friends when we all felt like this...

...on nights where the wind filled our bones and we felt so light with a promise and all those silent glances we'd give to each other. We're frozen there in blue nights and orange street lamps obscuring everything until all that's left is a feelings - it's the only things that's ever real.

So i'll wait in that room where the walls are open for a day that's not so hard to feel.
Track Name: Come on Over
I slept between your shoulder blades on a bed made for one. We laid in that humid air with an orange light engulfing us. We got bruised necks and it's not hard to see that the weight of a starving heart hangs heavy inside our chests.

So come on over whenever you'd like and we can undress and stay inside all night. If the neighbors complain we'll cover our mouths, so come on over.

We'd lay in our sweat with the day's new sun at our window. We might get up to see some friends but we'd end up back here. So I'll turn on the radio and we'll drift between sound and space until you say you have to go, then we'll do it all again.

So come on over whenever you'd like and we can undress and stay inside all night. If the neighbors complain we'll cover our mouths, so come on over. (2x)

It's ok if we fall to the floor or drink so much we sleep for awhile. Let's not go to class. Let's not go to class.

So come on over whenever you'd like and we can undress and stay inside all night. If the neighbors complain we'll cover our mouths, so come on over. (2x)
Track Name: Dark Room Dark Thoughts
In a dream you called out to him, and like a fool he came to the sound of his name. It surrounded everyone in the room with reflections off the walls it's found in the mirror where you were staring so blank and porcelain waiting to reenter the noisy room and pour champagne down your throats until you were finally found. And the words he chose to speak to you tasted like vinegar.

And the actors in the room don't require much attention because they'll parts whether you look or not so keep careful watch.

You walked to a white-walled room and undressed each other with trembling hands under an ivory ceiling, there's a story carved into it.

It was of a hunter and a beast, though he threw spears was lain to rest, by teeth that cut his neck and chest and left his back red and scratched. And you left that place pale and took a cab home but the wine you pour and the pills you take can't kill the corpse you've been living in.

So you draw a bath and slip inside, you want the water to cleanse your skin. You lie awake in your bed all night until the day shines through the window and you remember you're still alive. And now you can't feel anything and you can't remember when you did.
Track Name: House of the Spirits
He'd play for her his socialist songs and sing sweetly through a radio. The river shown across her face it reminded me of the place behind your house when we were just like them.

The sounds would swell and lights would blur until just colors remained in that bright room made of ivory. We could build a plane to see the world and transcend the living and the dead to finally just exist. The beauty we'd find then.

And all the shit that used to bind us no longer matters.

They'd spend the day in sweat and dirt with passion clinging to their skin and staining their young eyes until the houses rose to fever pitch saying all we want is lost and what more is this?

I could feel your eyes follow me as I walked, I could feel them in my head when I thought, "Spirits still roam these halls."